Diamonds in the Sand


“There is something very special and thought provoking about ‘Diamonds in the Sand’. After just the first chapter I found myself on my knees asking the Lord to create in me the concepts defined. It had a life changing impact on my Christian experience and relationship with God. Truly inspiring, opening the door to much deeper Bible study, leading the reader to an understanding of what the Latter Rain is and how to be one of those who will receive it. The Spirit of Prophecy quotes are beautiful, the ‘Diamonds’ are truly precious and without price. I enjoyed this book immensely and think it is a great contribution to modern Adventism and the Christian world. I believe it is a must read for all serious students of God’s work.” ~ S. B., California

  1. To Be Known By God
  2. The Holy Spirit Connection
  3. To Be Trained For Heaven
  4. The Law & The Gospel Harmony
  5. Old & New Covenant
  6. The Mosaic Law
  7. Repairing the Breaches
  8. Beauty in the Diamonds
  9. Testimony of the Sandal
  10. A Nation Born in a Day
  11. To Be The Bride of Christ
  12. Index


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